EMPIRE Delivery Systems

EDS is a full service courier company with over 30 years of valuable experience in the unique and challenging NYC delivery market. 212.643.1706

Our primary niche is in the Fashion industry and we do all the work for Gucci, Karla Otto, HL Group, Judith Leiber, Saks and many others. The NYC Courier industry has changed and evolved over the last several years and there are not many companies left who are capable of doing what we do.

We have a very proactive hands-on approach and work very closely with our clients to facilitate an open line of communication to make sure they get the best service possible, as we are well aware of the time sensitive nature and the issues that often arise during the course of pickups and deliveries.

Messenger Delivery

Whether it’s a messenger or truck, any time every day of the week, we will accommodate your delivery needs.

Local & Long Distance Trucking

Need more than a messenger? EDS can also help you with your local or long distance trucking needs.

On-line Order Entry & Tracking

We use the latest technology in radio communications, on-line order entry, proof of delivery & tracking systems.


24/7 Service

EDS offers on demand and scheduled service via phone or internet, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

About EDS

We believe that we are only as good as the couriers we use to make your firm’s deliveries. That is why we employ a staff of only the most experienced and dedicated couriers, who understand that customer satisfaction is the only way our company can thrive and grow. All of our couriers share our sense of commitment to provide you with the highest level of service every time.